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5 Basic Types of Equipment of a Quality Sound System

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Lots of people love music, and also enjoy lots of quality audio equipment. Music lovers – they always want an audio system. Currently, there are five essential devices in a standard audio system: source; mixer; the processor; the amplifier; speaker. You are a person who has no sound knowledge, or you are just starting to learn about this area. You will often feel an audio system, and they are very complex. Because when you use a complete audio system, it will consist of a lot of devices and wires connecting between devices. This article will help you. The article will summarize and introduce you to five necessary tools to create a complete sound system. The article will be a knowledge base that will help newcomers to understand the role of each device as well as how to connect the wires in the simplest way.

1. Sound Source

The source is a term in audio systems. Although it seems confusing, strange but it is very familiar in everyday life. The source is a device that acts as a sound source in a complex audio system. In fact, the sources commonly used include microphones, DVD players, CDs, musical instruments such as guitar, organ, piano. Devices that act as a source will provide sound to the sound system. The signals are transmitted to the speaker, and the speaker is the final receiving point. Then, the speakers will turn into sound waves that reach the ears of the listener, and audiences will feel the so-called music.

The Microphone

2. Mixer

This is probably the most familiar sound device to us. The mixer is always an indispensable device of any sound system. Sometimes, we often do not recognize the appearance of this instrument. Manufacturers have simplified modern sound systems, or power mixer devices, so users will not see clearly the presence of the mixer. The manufacturer has produced a device, which is always integrated with the mixer function. Typically such equipment is Amplifier. Many people often compare the mixer as the heart of the sound system, and this is correct. The input signal will have to be connected to the mixer, and the user will control the signal based on this device. Therefore, if you notice that you will see the sound technician, they always stand at the position of the mixer. This makes it easy to adjust the sound system by customizing the mixer.

3. Processor – Signal Processors

This is probably the most “strange” device in the audio system for beginners. With simple sound systems or weak demand, signal processors will be less used. Users have the need to use simple mixers, and they have built-in single signal processing features such as Echo, Equalizer. However, if you want to “professionalize” the signal processing capabilities of your audio system, signal processors are an essential device. With dedicated sound systems for singing, performing, they always have an “Echo” function. Echo will resonate with vocal. And in professional audio systems, the processor helps the system to perform best in the frequency range. From there, the sound signal will convey to the audience in the best way. For example, in the genre of rock music, you will want to hear the much great bass.

Also, we also need to familiarize ourselves with devices such as Compressor, crossover, limiter, digital signal processors. You will have to learn it thoroughly if you want to improve the signal processing capabilities of your audio system.

4. Amplifier – Boosting Volume

Maybe, we do not have to mention too much about the amplifier, as it is relatively popular with many people. A stereo system can not lack amplifier, as it will act as a signal amplifier. The amplifier will receive the signal from the source, and then the amplifier will send the signal to the speaker. And the speaker will emit sound to the listener. You have heard the music from the Amplifier in such a way. At present, we have many kinds of amplifiers, especially karaoke amplifier. Karaoke amplifiers usually have a built-in mixer, which will help simplify the user’s audio system. However, you need to check the quality when buying an amplifier carefully. You will encounter amplifiers with capacities up to 1000W, but when you measure with Watt metter, only 40W. You need to distinguish clearly the maximum size and efficient power of the amplifier.

5. Speaker

The Speaker

Sure, there is no shortage of speakers when we talk about complete audio systems. The speaker plays a critical role in the sound system. The loudspeaker is the ultimate receiver, and the signal will affect the diaphragm. The speaker receives the signal and vibrates to produce sound waves. Ultimately, sound waves are transmitted to the ears of the listener. Of course, this is just a summary of the operation of the speaker, and you should learn more about the operation mechanism of the speaker. Currently, there are many types of speakers on the market, with different types of origin. You need to determine your needs before embarking on buying speakers. Because if you do not clearly define your needs, then you are likely to buy products that do not fit your sound system. You should consult the articles on how to choose the right speaker for your home audio system. This will help you get a quality speaker that matches your needs and financial capabilities.

The article introduces the five basic devices of a sound system. You have got certain knowledge about the equipment required for a basic sound system. This will be the background knowledge so that you can step into the field of professional audio.