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4 Mistakes when Buying Audio Equipments

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In the sound field, there are many misconceptions about buying audio equipments. When entering an audio shop, many customers are overwhelmed by the large number and variety of different products. We often encounter common misconceptions such as expensive equipment is of high quality; the rare material is the right sound effect. Therefore, many people choose expensive products which are not suitable for their needs and abilities. A speaker with the diaphragm made of diamonds, conductors made of gold alloys, neodymium magnets, but all is not necessarily the best sound quality for each person. When you choose to buy karaoke equipment or audio equipment, you usually choose according to the feeling, the technical specifications of the product, or the price. Therefore, you may make the wrong choice, or not suit your needs and abilities. The article will point to 4 common mistakes when buying audio equipment.

Choosing a Speakers with a Large Capacity Produces Great Sound

You have a set of speakers with a sensitivity of 90 dB. This speaker will only need 1W to achieve a sound level of 90 dB, 10W to 100 dB (audio is two times bigger), 100W to 110 dB (audio is four times larger), and 1,000 watts To reach 120 dB (audio is eight times greater). This is an entirely wrong view. The size of the sound depends on the sensitivity of the speaker. A typical calculation formula is that if the power is increased tenfold, the noise level will increase by 10 dB, and the sound will be twice as large as the original. In fact, a speaker with a capacity of about 100W is much lower than the 500W. But both speakers have the same sensitivity and have a difference of about 6 dB. So, about 120W is enough for every family. You should note that choose the right speaker with the right capacity for the room space. This allows the loudspeaker to work its best. For small areas, you should only choose speakers with little power so your sound is good, warm and you can enjoy music in the best way.

Sound Systems Have Built-in Safety Features

Some people think that the manufacturer has calculated the safety loudness of the loudspeaker. Sound intensity will not affect the ears of the listener, although the hearing time is long. This is an entirely wrong concept and will affect your hearing if you do not change this thought. Most loudspeakers on the market today are capable of producing immense sound, and this will adversely affect the listener’s hearing. According to a recent Canadian government study, continuous listening at 90 dB is only safe in the first 4 hours. Similarly, you should only hear sound at 100 dB in about an hour, at 110 dB in about 15 minutes. Where music reaches 115 dB, your ear will be immediately damaged, which can lead to reduced hearing loss. And you will be very difficult, or even impossible to restore your hearing completely.

The Expensive Speakers Cables Have a Good Quality

On the theory of manufacturers and suppliers of audio equipment, the expensive speaker cables produce high sound quality compared to the cheap quality speaker cables. However, the reality in many scientific experiments does not make the same conclusion.

The Speaker Cable Pair

Because listeners barely distinguish the difference between the sound coming from the speakers using conventional wires and speakers using expensive cables. To further clarify this finding, separate the audio devices such as speakers, CD players, amplifiers. And you notice that there are small wires. The wires will connect from the circuit board or the processor to the connection ports. So before going through the speaker cables, the sound signal passes through the small wires. This makes the sound quality does not make a big difference even when using the expensive speaker cables. Manufacturers and business owners often want to sell high-value products, and they often encourage you to buy expensive speaker cables. But take a close look at the need to use, if you only need to utilized in the family, healthy activities, the regular speaker cables is the priority. If you require for high-end purposes such as performance events, rental services, high-demand services, then think about choosing expensive speaker cables.

The Speakers as Expensive as Possible

The home theater speakers with TV media

This is a concept that has caused a lot of controversies. Because users often believe that expensive things will outperform the cheap ones. However, in sound systems, this is not a real concept. Just like a shirt, you feel beautiful, but other people do not feel the same. Each person will have their evaluation. And the sound is the same, the headphones and the ability to handle each’s voice will be different. If your loudspeaker is a well-known brand, has a precise origin, the cost is high. But you need the right kind of speakers. The loudspeaker must be compatible with the purpose of the user, by the other devices in the audio system. The quality of the sound depends on the buyer’s perception. However, if the loudspeaker does not have a precise origin, then you should consider it again. Therefore, there is no sound equipment with “best” “best”, but only those that fit the needs of different people. There are expensive speakers with diaphragms made of diamonds, but it is unlikely to produce as warm and real sound as wooden speakers, especially for classical instruments. So when you buy speakers or audio equipment, you should stick to your favorite album, hear a few times to feel the sound. This helps you to evaluate the quality of products in the best way.