Album Review: 8bit Prophet

The made up singing-idol-in-a-box known as Hatsune Miku has long been a subject of great interest around these parts, not to mention just about all of Japan. Her influence has spread across all genres, even spawning several new versions and like-minded characters.

TM Network began its life in the early '80s, making synth-pop and upbeat rock songs. After taking a bit of a break in the '90s, they managed to get back together just before the turn of the century.

Chiptunes, those delightfully nostalgic songs made from the sound systems embedded in retro gaming devices, have always been popular, at least among a certain crowd.

Now, all three of these great tastes are smooshed together into one awesome collection from VORC Records. Titled 8bit Prophet: TM Network Tribute - Generated by Chiptuine & Vocaloid, the album consists of eleven songs from a wide range of chiptune producers, wrapped into one incredibly beautiful package (illustrated by TOKIYA.)

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